PURE Power

More muscle, more performance, more strength!

You want more than general fitness? Two training sessions a week are not enough? You want performance-based training and a visibly defined body? We will show you how to tone every last muscle with free weights and maximum loads and bring out the best in yourself.

PURE Cardio

Cardiovascular training to optimise endurance performance and adjust your metabolism in high-performance Areas.

You are an ambitious endurance athlete and want to round off your training outside through focused strength training or keep in shape in the winter when the weather gets in the way of your performance? Train your cardiovascular system with the highest efficiency. Let the others huff and puff!

PURE Vitality

Being fit is not a question of age. Physiological, medicine-based strength training

The goal of this training is the maintenance of the spine and joint stability, preventing age-related loss of strength and independence and decreasing the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. To ensure that you can live every day without tension, back pain and breathlessness on the stairs.


You want to keep fit and healthy – but you find it difficult to motivate yourself and train effectively alone?

Then personal training is just right for you. A competent personal trainer will be by your side to support you to reach your goals quicker. You can choose between 1x and 2x 60-minute training sessions per week. We remain true to our values in this as well – highest quality for a good price – and offer personal training for less than 49,90 € per hour. For further information about our PREMIUM offers see here.

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